Mixed Media Art and Infinite Interpretations
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Mixed Media, Washi Quilts, Clay Quilts,
Infinite Interpretations

Mixed Media

... Crazed & crackled
polymer clay,
watercolors, image
transfers on clay,
Swarovski crystals,
gears & sprockets,
origami papers, watch
parts, rubber
stamped images,
wires, embossing
powders, metal
frames, charms,  
mesh ...

Infinite combinations
of mixed media
materials are used in
these fun abstract
Infinite Interpretations

Three dimensional
textures & color blends
have been combined
with textured polymer
clay mats in 4"x6"
framed art pieces.  
Some designs are
abstract, some
resemble nightscapes
or landscapes.

Clay Quilts

Geometric placement
of polymer clay
squares, embellished
with crazed and
crackled acrylic
paints, embossing

Washi Quilts

Geometric placement
of Japanese origami &
specialty papers
Mona Kissel, Polymer Clay