Atlas 150 Modified
Pasta Machines

Modified Pasta Machines

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The modified Atlas 150 machine costs $130.00 plus $16.00 shipping.

Several years ago, the manufacturers of these fine Italian pasta machines replaced the metal scraper blades, which keep the clay from wrapping around the rollers, with a white rubber tipped blade. This has made it difficult to use Atlas machines with the white tipped blades for polymer clay.

To solve this problem, we developed, and offer to the polymer clay world, replacement metal blades in our modification process to make your claying easier.

We modify both Atlas 150’s & 180’s to make the scraper blades removable to clean off accumulated clay that has been contaminating your work.

No more need to take your entire machine apart. No tools required.

You will be able to unscrew a small thumb nut on each blade, remove it, wipe it clean with a paper towel, reinsert and continue claying.

We highly recommend using only a paper towel, plus some alcohol if needed, and no tools that scratch or bend the blades!!

Frequently asked: 1.modifying pasta machines and 2. international shipping:

1. We occasionally get asked If it is possible to just send someone the modified scraper blades plus instructions how to modify your own machine.

That is not possible.

Our modification process involves completely taking the Atlas pasta machine apart, then performing various metallurgical steps, plus adding hand-fabricated/machined parts, to interior components of the pasta machine.

2. Our modified machines have shipped internationally for many years, to every continent. To reduce the international postage price, one option is to order two machines, allowing two international clayers to share the shipping costs. Please email me for current shipping prices.

Quoted shipping prices are to the US only. Please ask for shipping prices for all international shipments incl. Canada, and other purchase combinations.

All modifications take approx. 14-21 days.