The Persuader

The ultimate cane conditioner!

Introduced at Shrinemont 2006, Available Now!

This tool was invented to complement the various rolling tools polymer
clay artists use.  To aide my search for a quicker & easier way to
condition large canes, my husband Rainer created the first Persuader
for me out of steel, several years ago.  We decided on a handy size
(9 inches long) and weight (approx. 3 lbs.) that would be easy and
effective to use.  

We have begun producing the Persuader for the polymer clay
community and they are available now.

I use my Persuader frequently, and keep finding new ways to use this
helpful tool.  

  • reduce an existing cane
  • recondition a firm cane

Use the Persuader to help quickly reduce a newly constructed cane.

The weight of the Persuader allows for quick reconditioning / reducing
of an existing cane.  Alternate rolling and light pounding with the
Persuader will make this job a breeze!  Enjoy quick, easy results,
especially if you deal with carpal tunnel or arthritis issues.

  • imprinting clay

Use the Persuader to roll clay into a rubber stamp or texture plate with

Price:  $45, plus shipping

Mona & Rainer Kissel
Martinsburg, West Virginia

To order, send an e-mail:
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