A fun Ikea Mirror!
Reversible Cuff Bracelets
Satin Swirl Necklaces
Earth Textures Reversible Necklaces
Earth Textures Silk-screened Necklaces
Scoops and Utensils
Earth Textures Vases
Poly Foldings
Textured polymer clay mats and Iris Folding designs ( or Aperture Folding) have been combined  
in framed mixed media pieces.  Unlike the traditional iris folding designs, my designs
incorporate the blending of color / contrast / texture of origami and specialty papers,
complemented by polymer clay mats.
Mixed Media, Washi Quilts, Clay Quilts, Infinite
Three dimensional textures and color blends have been combined with textured
polymer clay mats in 4"x6" framed art pieces.  Some designs are abstract,
some resemble nightscapes or landscapes.
Auf Deutsch
Targeted Randomness
Image Transfer Comparison
Lazertran Silk vs. copier toner transfer.  Results will vary, depending on color,
type of toner, method of transfer, etc.  Lazertran Silk has worked best for me
and was used in all of my designs that incorporate images.
The Gemstone Collection
Polymer Clay &
...  Citrine
...  Peridot
...  White Topaz, other gemstones

Peyote bead weaving pendants accented
with pearls and glass beads.
peyote triangles with charms
Choker bracelets
Satin Swirl Bead Necklaces
Mona Kissel, Polymer Clay
Metal Designs, Shibuichi